What types of artworks can I upload on TraDigitalArt?

Basic information you should know before uploading your digital artworks on TraDigitalArt

Dear TraDigital Artgivers,

You will find here some basic indications concerning the type of artworks admitted on TraDigitalArt.

It is very important to observe all of them before uploading your digital artworks, in order to have your artworks visible on the internet, and to have good chances to sell them. 

Your artworks contents

Our aim is to offer, to artivestors and art lovers, artistic expressions that go beyond the surface of images, although beautiful, to break into the inner beauty and spiritual side we all guard within. That’s why all the artworks we propose on TDA must be pieces of art conveying positive messages to induce inspiration for beauty, love, joy, and positivity in general, according to our mission.

We  propose original art pieces that want to be a source of well-being,  encouraging the identification of a person’s feelings with the positivity of the message it conveys.

Quality images

Please note that the digital artworks you upload (if you choose the Regular Digital Plan) or that you send us in order to have them uploaded by TraDigitalArt (if you choose the Hassle-free Digital Plan) must be high definition images, and without watermarks!

Digitally elaborated pictures

If the starting point of your tradigital artwork is a traditional artwork photograph, it must be digitally elaborated (for example by changing shades of colours, by adding or elaborating shapes and forms and more, according to your personal imagination and artistic sensibility).  This means that the artwork you will publish on TraDigitalArt, must be the result of a digital elaboration!

JPEG Images

All the digital artworks you will upload or send for uploading, must be saved as JPEG images, and not in other formats.


Name Your Artworks

All your digital artworks files must have a name.  So please make sure to have named all your artworks files before uploading them on TraDigitalArt or sending them to us for uploading! 

Unfortunately we cannot publish artworks if they are not named, as they won’t be visible on google search, and you will miss your chance to be visible and to sell your artworks!

Describe your artworks

Each artwork must have a description! This is very important for the customers looking for positive images, for the spreading of a positive message, and also for the search engines in order to index properly your images and make them visible for searches of this kind of images. So please add a description to your artworks (if you chose a Regular Digital Plan) or provide us with your artworks description by sending it to us to upload@tradigitalart.online, together with your artworks, if you chose the Hassle-free Digital Plan!

Digital Artworks Techniques

The artworks we suggest on TraDigitalArt are:

1. All digital downloadable animated and non-animated artworks, that must be created through:

  • the digital elaboration of photographs;
  • the digital elaboration of traditional art (painting, sculpture,  decoration, drawings, ceramics, …);
  • the digital elaboration of all visual means  (newspapers, displays, posters, signs, banners,…) and visible things;
  • digital technologies (pure digital images done completely on computers).

2. Art photographs that convey positive messages, according to our mission.

Big Size Images

On TraDigital Art, artinvestors can choose the artworks dimensions according to their use. 

In particular, on TDA we propose:

  • small  size images (from 650 up to 1000px on the longer side), suitable for telephone, tablets, web and personal use;
  • medium size images (from1000 up to 2500px on the longer side),  suitable for blogs, screens, web use, personal use, printing in magazines and newspapers;
  • big size images (from 2500px on the longer side), suitable for blogs, sites, printing in magazines, newspapers and big size posters, screening on movie boards.

This means that the larger are the images, the wider is the range of the licences available for sale. If you upload a small size image, it will be suitable only for basic small image licences! Therefore, please upload (if you chose a Regular Digital Plan) or send us (if you chose the Hassle-free Digital Plan) your images in one bigger size (large border at least 2500 pixels).

Pricing your artworks

According to your digital artwork’s size (see above paragraph), different prices will be set automatically.  If you upload a big size image, we of TraDigitalArt will be able to propose your artwork in a small, medium and big size, and the prices will be set by default.  This means that you don’t have to worry about pricing your digital artworks.

Basic information you should know before uploading Traditional tangible art on TDA

On TraDigitalArt you can upload, exhibit and sell all tangible traditional art expressions emphasizing contents that privilege positive feelings and emotions, according to our mission.  In other words, on TraDigitalArt you can propose and sell paintings, sculptures, decorations, drawings, ceramics, lacework, art furniture and all kind of tangible art that conveys beneficial messages, thus generating positivity for a spiritual growth.

You will find here all the necessary information you need in order to upload, edit, add the price and the shipping cost to your traditional artworks.

Don’t miss your chance to make a new stART! Open your heART and make TraDigital ART!

Best wishes!

Barbara Stamegna

Art Director and Chief Curator

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