Artgivers Submissions Guidelines

How to submit your application on TraDigitalArt and how it works…
Dear TraDigital Artgivers, the step by step guide below will provide you with all the information you need, from the application submission to the editing of your artworks on TraDigitalArt.

1. Before applying for a Vendor Account, please make sure that your artworks are in line with our mission, and that they fall within the type of art that we propose! Please read the following articles:

Descriptive User Guide – Directions for Use

What types of artworks can I upload on TraDigitalArt?

2. In order to submit your application, complete the Application Form that you will find in My artgiver account by entering the correct information in the appropriate fields.

Please note that, all the information and artworks you will submit through the application form won’t be published.

They are just necessary to review your art and general artistic experience, in order to examine, process and approve your account as, with reference to our mission-statement, we must make a selection based on the data provided. You will be able to publish and edit your artworks, and to edit your profile post, once your account has been approved.

3. In maximum 5 days, you will receive an email confirming the activation of your vendor account and, if you chose the Regular Digital Plan, an email with your FTP credentials. From now on you can start uploading and editing your artworks on TraDigital Art!

In order to do that, please see the following tutorials:

How to upload hundreds of artworks at once on TraDigitalArt

How to edit your artworks after publication on TraDigitalArt

How to upload traditional tangible artworks

4. If you want to share your thoughts and art experience, edit your own profile post (that will be published in our Artgivers Blog Section), share feelings and all that may contribute to create a positive world, you can apply for the Writer Account, which is also free of charge. To open a Writer account go to My artgiver account and follow the given instructions.

5. Please see also the following tutorials in order to get the best visibility results and to promote your art on search engines:

How to edit a post on WordPress

How to optimize images for Seo Purposes

How to make your pictures visible on Google

How to make your TraDigitalArt post visible on Google

How to enable categories to enhance your post visibility

For any other information you can contact us at

All the best,

TraDigitalArt Team

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