How to make money as a creative writer? …just make it smART! Make TraDigital ART!

Start getting Visible and Earn Money as a Creative Writer!
Most of talented writers struggle to get started and visible in such a crowded sector, and earning money from a lifelong passion may remain only a dream for the vast majority.  Maybe you feel the need to send positive messages to others through your art of writing, and you want to share the goodness and beauty you feel inside.

But how to start getting visible and earning money out of the gift of creative writing?
Just follow these steps:

Unleash your imagination and creativity and combine your short creative written texts with images, pictures, colours, shapes and forms;
Save it as a JPEG image;
Sell it on TraDigital Art!
That’s right!    You can make a digital artwork out of your creative writing and sell it on TraDigital Art!

With TraDigital Art you can start being visible on Google search, and upload hundreds of original artworks and art images for free.  We work with a particular focus to increase and guarantee the visibility of your art production on internet, in order to provide, create and develop for you and your pieces of art, new commercial outlets.  But most of all, you can inspire others with your artworks, and generate positivity for a spiritual growth, according to our mission.

So what are you waiting for? Send your application to TraDigital Art!

Be smART and open your heART!

Make a new stART with TraDigital ART!

Written by Barbara Stamegna

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