Directions for Use: Descriptive User Guide

Dear users, we have prepared for you the present guide containing information on how TraDigitalArt works.

On TraDigitalArt You Can Upload, Buy And Sell An Unlimited Number Of: Digital Downloadable Artworks, Original Traditional Artworks, Art Photographs!

On TraDigitalArt you can upload, buy and sell an unlimited number of digital downloadable art such as Digitally Created Artworks and Art Photographs emphasizing contents that privilege positive feelings and emotions, according to our Mission.

All Digital and Photography Art can be downloaded with a Rights Managed Licence, or it can also be sold in open edition through our Print-on-Demand Service, or in Single and LImited Edition Prints.

You (artgiver) can upload for free:

1) an unlimited number of Original Digital Artworks and Art Images created through: the digital elaboration of photographs; the digital elaboration of traditional art (painting, sculpture, decoration, drawings, ceramics, …); the digital elaboration of all visual means (newspapers, displays, posters, signs, banners,…) and visible things; digital technologies (pure digital images done completely on computers);

2) an unlimited number of Art Photographs that convey positive messages, according to our Mission.

3) an unlimited number of Positive Original Artworks.

You (artinvestor) can choose between Positive Original Artworks, Prints, or Rights Managed Licenses to use the artworks’ images.

Our images can be used in several contexts, and they are suitable for: social media post; profile images; e-books; blogs; invitations; advertising and promotional projects; school or university projects; prints, posters for personal or promotional purposes, resale, license or other distribution; entertainment applications, such as books and book covers, magazines, newspapers, editorials, newsletters, and video; broadcast and theatrical presentations, and much more, according to the permitted uses of our types of Licensing.

After purchasing a License, you will receive an e-mail to the address you provided us to confirm your order, and a second e-mail containing a ZIP File with the image to download.

We preferred this method over a direct download from our site, to prevent you to run into issues due for example to a bad internet connection; to consent a faster downloading; to give you the ability to purchase the image from wherever you are with your smartphone, and to download it with ease and safely at a later time.

On TraDigitalArt You Can Buy And Sell All Kinds Of Tangible Traditional Art!

You can upload, buy and sell all traditional art expressions like paintings, sculptures, decorations, drawings, ceramics, lacework, art craft, art furniture and all kind of tangible art, that conveys beneficial messages, thus generating positivity for a spiritual growth, according to our mission.