TraDigital Artgiving Proposals

What is TraDigital Artgiving Proposals?

I t is the TDA art gallery, where you will find a variety of great downloadable digital artworks, all created by independent artists from around the world. The artworks we propose are all original and unique, as they are not created to be used in series, but they are the result of a human, and non artificial, act of creation.

All suggested artworks convey a positive meaning and message, according to our mission. In fact, the act of artgiving is closely related to the positive emotions and messages that the artworks convey, and that the artists and art creators wish to share and donate to others, with the aim to inspire people with their art, generating positivity for a spiritual growth.S

The TDA artworks can all be downloaded with a royalty free licence…

…and they are proposed in different dimensions, as follows:

– small size images (from 650 up to 1000px on the longer side), suitable for telephone, tablets, web and personal use;

– medium size images (from1000 up to 2500px on the longer side), suitable for blogs, screens, web use, personal use, printing in magazines and newspapers;

– big size images (from 2500px on the longer side), suitable for blogs, sites, printing in magazines, newspapers and big size posters, screening on movie boards.

The artworks suggested in our TraDigital Artgiving Proposals are created through:

– the digital elaboration of photographs;

– the digital elaboration of traditional art (painting, sculpture, decoration, drawings, ceramics…)

-the digital elaboration of all visual means (newspapers, displays, posters, signs, banners,…) and visible things;

– digital technologies (pure digital images done completely on computers).

We hope you enjoy browsing our site and through our original digital artworks!

All the best,
Barbara Stamegna & TraDigital Art Team

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