How to edit your digital artworks after publication on TraDigitalArt

Edit your Digital Artworks on TraDigitalArt – Tutorial for Dummies

After the publication of your artworks on TraDigitalArt via FTP, you can add descriptions and useful information in order to make them visible on the Google Search and to give a more complete view of your artwork to the audience.

Just proceed in the following way:

1. Go to your admin dashboard and click on All Products, as shown by the red arrows in the image below:

All Products

2. You will see now all your published artworks. Now choose the artwork you want to edit and click on the Edit button, as shown in the following screenshot:


3. Write the artwork description, as shown in the screenshot below. Please note that, in order to be visible on Google, it’s very important that the words used in the description  appear also in your product Attachment Details description.  So what you can do is simply copy and paste here the Attachment Details description, and add a few more words.  Now copy the final version of your description….….

Add Description

…and scroll down the page until you find the Product Short Description, where you will paste your description, as shown down here:

Short Description

4. Scroll up the page until you find the Meta Title and Description.  The content you will write here will be shown in the main Google search results. You will find that the fields seem to be already completed, but actually they are not, as it is only an example of how they could be completed.  So you must write the artwork page title and meta description (you could also rewrite the example you see if you wish) in both the Title and Meta description field, as indicated by the blue arrows in the screenshot below. Please make sure not the exceed the maximum recommended limit, shown by the red lines in the following image!

Add Meta Descritpion

5. At this point select the categories that most suit your artwork, as shown below by the orange arrow.  Now search for the tags that better describe your artwork, by starting to write the first letters of the word you want to insert, or by choosing from the most used tags, as shown by the blue arrows below. Please don’t forget to include also the tag with your artist’s name and last name, by entering it in the product tag field and clicking on the Add button!

Categories And Tags

6. Write your name in the Vendors field, as indicated by the green arrow in the following screenshot…

Add Name

7. Now click on Update, as shown by the yellow arrow in the image below, and the work is done!


You did a wonderful job! Now you can start to optimize your artworks. Find out how to do it here!

Written by

Barbara Stamegna

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