How to make an extra income with traditional art?

A way to start earning with traditional art…
When it comes to making an income with our traditional art, we struggle to find an honest art gallery, a collector, a curator, an art lover who will appreciate our art and who is willing to invest in it.  But unfortunately, most of the time this task can be very difficult, if not impossible to achieve, and we must face not positive experiences just to start being visible, earning nothing in the meantime, and often having to pay out of pocket.

But how to start earning with traditional art and being acknowledged as artist?

On TraDigitalArt we offer an opportunity to develop new commercial outlets for your artworks.  What we propose on TraDigitalArt are original digital artworks, which may have traditional art as the starting point.  Us all, as traditional artists, take pictures of our artworks, whether they are paintings, sculptures, mosaics, embroidery, and all forms of art.  Or maybe we are photographer who love to take pictures of flowers, landscapes, natural settings, and more.

What we suggest on TraDigitalArt is not to sell your original artworks on our website, but to take pictures of them and elaborate them digitally by changing for example shades of colours, by adding or elaborating shapes and forms and more, according to a personal artistic sensibility and creativity, and then save them as JPEG images, so to obtain original digital artworks.

This could be an opportunity to make an extra income with traditional art (without parting from it) and, most of all, to start being acknowledged and visible as artists on Google search, as we we work with a particular focus to increase and guarantee the visibility of our vendors’ art production on internet.

The registration is free, and you can upload hundreds of artworks for free. We take only a 40% commission from the sold pieces.   

Don’t give up and keep on following your passions and to expand your gifts!

Be smART and open your heART! Make a new stART with TraDigitalArt!

Best wishes,

Barbara Stamegna

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