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TraDigitalArt  opens the doors to photographs taken from an artistic point of view!
Beauty in itself brings the good.  Everyone can see that in nature there’s beauty. There may also be a sense of beauty in a cityscape that gives positive feelings and sensations.  A person’s portrait, the eyes, the smiles, the facial expressions may reveal beauty and positivity. Macrophotography reveals the most beautiful, stunning and hidden details of elements. A photo-reportage with particular uses of colours, or depicting spiritual situations and places of worship can also bring beauty. Ancient and contemporary architectural shapes may bring beauty. Everything is the result of one single project, therefore the representation of beauty is wide.

It is for these reasons that on TraDigitalArt we are opening the doors also to that type of photography taken from an artistic point of view and that conveys positive messages, according to our mission.  From now on you can upload an unlimited number of art photographs, all for free, and you can sell them with a Rights Managed Licence!  You can choose between the Regular Plan or the TDA Hassle-free Plan.  All our plans are free of charge and so is the registration. We only take a 40% commission from the sold artworks if you choose the TDA Regular Digital Plan. We take a 50% commission from the pieces you sell if you choose the TDA hassle-free uploading plan, where we of TraDigitalArt take care of the uploading, editing and optimization of your artworks on you behalf.

On TraDigitalArt we work with a special care to make your artworks visibile in order to gain exposure.  That is why we will personally take care of the optimization of your artworks for free, to offer you the best visibility on Google Searches.  We also offer you visibility in our homepage and with our category and tags.

So what are you waiting for? Apply now. Be smART and open your heART! Make a new stART with TraDigitalArt!

Barbara Stamegna

Art Director and Chief Curator

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