How to upload traditional tangible artworks on TraDigitalArt

Upload your art product on TDA in a few steps!
On TraDigitalArt you can exhibit and sell your paintings, sculptures, decorations, drawings, ceramics, lacework and all kind of tangible traditional art expressing positive contents and conveying encouraging and beneficial messages for a human spiritual growth.

I’ll show you in a few steps how to upload and edit your traditional artwork on TraDigitalArt!

How to Upload and Edit your traditional tangible artwork …
1. Go to your admin dashboard and click on All Products and then on Add other Product, as shown by the yellow arrows in the picture below:

Now you have the following Add new product page:

2. Scroll down the page and start setting your artwork image by clicking on Set product image (where shown by the red arrow in the image below)…

…and now select and upload the artwork you wish to exhibit and sell on TraDigitalArt with the Select Files button (indicated by the blue arrow in the screenshot below), or from your Media Library (indicated by the orange arrow in the screenshot below) if you already have uploaded your images in a previous time…

3. Now that you have uploaded your artwork, please complete the Alt Text, Title, Caption and Description fields indicated by the blue arrows below (in order to complete these fields, please see our tutorial How to make your pictures visible on Google Search)…

…now click on Set product image where shown by the red arrow in the following screenshot:

4. At this point it’s time to add the artwork’s title and its description, where indicated by the yellow arrow (title) and the orange arrow (description) as in the following example:

5. On the right column of your page, go to the Product categories section and select the categories that best fit your artwork, as shown in the screenshot down here (please don’t forget to select the traditional artworks category!)…

…and search for the tags that better describe your artwork, by starting to write the first letters of the word you want to insert, or by choosing from the most used tags. Please don’t forget to include also the tag with your artist’s name and last name (underlined by the blue colour in the example below), by entering it in the product tag field and clicking on the Add button!

6. Scroll down the page and complete the meta title and meta description, as shown in the example below.  Please find out how to complete these fields and what they are for in our tutorial: How to make your Tradigital Art post visible on Google

7. If you want to add a contact form to your product page, just move the slider at the end of your description (see the blue arrow below) and add here the contact form by clicking on the Add Contact Form button, as shown by the green arrow in the example down here:

8. At this point scroll down the page until you find the Product short description section (underlined below by the red colour), and copy and paste the description of your artwork where indicated by the yellow arrow in the following screenshot.  You can also add another image of your product by clicking on the Add Media button, indicated by the green arrow below….

9. At this point your product page is almost done, and you can click on the Publish button indicated by the yellow arrow below!  Or else, if you still don’t feel confortable about publishing your art product, you can save the draft of your page by clicking on the Save Draft button (see the blue arrow in the screenshot below) and publish it in a second moment. I would advise you also to save your draft once in a while during its editing, while working on it, in order to prevent a data loss and  to be able to work on it in several times.

How to add your artwork’s Price and the Shipping Cost
It’s time to enter the cost of your artwork and of the shipping price! The artwork price must be with the shipping included, and therefore the shipping price must be included in the artwork’s price. In order to do this scroll down the page until you find the Product data (see the blue arrow in the screenshot below). 

1. Click on General (underlined by the green color down here) and insert your artwork’s price, with the shipping cost included, in U.S. dollars in the Regular price field, where indicated by the yellow arrow in the example below. Please use only numbers without colons, periods, commas or other special characters.  For example if you need to enter the price $ 1.989,00 please enter only the following numbers: 1989

Don’t forget to update your page once in a while and before leaving, by clicking on the Update button (indicated by the blue arrow below)!

That’s all for now!  If you have any question please feel free to contact us!

Written by

Barbara Stamegna

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