Can I sell traditional art on TraDigitalArt? Yes you can!

Start being visible and sell your traditional art on TraDigitalArt!
As you already know, TraDigitalArt is an up to date art space dedicated to all new art expressions, where you can sell and buy original digital downloadable artworks, which can be downloaded with a royalty free licence for a one time project use.

TraDigitalArt has now opened the doors also to all tangible traditional art expressions emphasizing contents that privilege positive feelings and emotions, according to our mission.  In other words from now on, on TraDigitalArt you can buy and sell paintings, sculptures, decorations, drawings, ceramics, lacework, art craft, art furniture and all kind of tangible art, that conveys beneficial messages, thus generating positivity for a spiritual growth.

You can register for free on TraDigitalArt and you can upload an unlimited number of artworks, all for free!  TraDigitalArt  keeps only a 20% commission on sold artworks.

On TraDigitalArt we personally take care of your artworks pictures optimization for free, to offer you the best visibility on Google Searches.  We also offer you a visibility in our homepage and with our category and tags, all for free.  In fact, every new uploaded artwork will be displayed on our general TraDigital Artgiving Suggestions home page in a chronological order, and therefore every new uploaded artwork will have in turn a top position in our homepage.  Moreover, every new uploaded artwork will have in turn a top position in the categories and tags you selected to describe your artworks. To obtain a better visibility, TDA gives you also a free tool to share contents on social media.

Artists will take care of the packaging and shipping of all tangible artworks, and of payment of taxes due on their territory.

If interested, please apply here.

Be smART and open your heART!

Make a new stART with Tradigital ART!

Barbara Stamegna

Art Director and Chief Curator

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