How to Optimize Images for Seo Purposes on

Tutorial for Experts uses WordPress, one of the most powerful CMS for Images Seo Purposes.

If well utilized you can have a very good chance to get your images visible in Google Search. This tutorial is the result of our experience with several sites, and for this reason we strongly recommend all our contributors to pay very great attention in accomplishing this job.

Images meta fields

In WordPress you can find all the images in the admin panel, you can see on the left side the word “Media”: you must open and click on the image. On the left side you will see the following fields, scrolling from up to down:

Wordpress Image Meta Fields


1. Alternative text;

2. Title;

3. Caption;

4. Description.

How to fill meta fields

1. In the field “title” write the image’s title.  Pay attention that the words contained in the title must also be found in all the other fields. The title must be short and no longer than 60 letters.  For example, you can set the following image title: “mottled flow abstraction”;

2. The second step is to write the “caption”.  This is the image description that will be shown on Search Engines.  As specified before, the caption must contain the same words of the title and a description of the image, with the most relevant attributes you wish to be indexed by Google. For example, for the image described in point 1 you could write:  “abstract image with mottled flow and dots and half-circles shapes in tones of red, white, blue and indigo color”.  The caption should be no longer than 160 letters.

3. Now copy the caption and paste into the field “Alternate Text”.  At you will find this field already filled, with the same words of the title, so to make sure that this field won’t remain empty;

4. The last field is the “description”.  You can also copy the caption and paste it in this field, and also add some words for a more detailed description, just like in the following example: “abstract image with mottled flow and dots and half-circles shapes in tones of red, white, blue and indigo color: a painting on canvas by Barbara Stamegna”.


Image optimization is not difficult, but it’s very important to follow carefully our indications in order to have a good chance to get your images indexed by Google and other search engines.  It is also very important that the text of your images appears fully in the product description.  With our tutorials, at Tradigital Art, we provide the necessary tools for SEO, in order to get the best results from your Tradigital Art Experience.

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