How to Make your Pictures Visible on Google Search

Get your Images Visible on Google – Tutorial for Dummies

We at Tradigitalart use WordPress, one of the most powerful CMS for Images Seo Purposes.

If well utilized you can have a very good chance to make your images visible in Google search, and all this in no time and in a few simple steps.

When you’re editing your artwork, just click on your Product image, as indicated by the yellow arrow in the following screenshot:

Product Image

Now select again your artwork by clicking on it, as indicated by the blue arrow in the screenshot below.  On the right side, in the Attachment Details sidebar, you will see some fields you must complete, indicated by the orange arrow…


Edit From Media Library

The fields you must complete are the Alternative textTitleCaption, and Description fields, as you can better see in the following screenshot.  If you want to increase the visibility of your image, it’s very important to complete all these fields.

Images 1

In order to complete the above fields, you must:

1. Write the title.  In this case I will write “azure confluence”, which is the title of my artwork.

2. Copy and paste the title in: Alternative text, Caption, and Description fields, as follows:

Images 2

At this point, your job is already done.  But if you really want to do a great job, you can:

1. add a few more words in the Description field,  in addition to the title (please note that it’s very important that the words used in the title appear also in the description).  In my case I wrote:  “azure confluence art image in tones of azure, black and gray, with dots and fluid shapes”;

2. copy and paste the Description field in the Alternative text and Caption fields, as follows:

Images 3

Please note that you can also edit your artwork from your Media Library. 

Now your job is really over! Well done!

Written by Barbara Stamegna

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