Bruno Paolo Benedetti Abstract Photographer

Abstract dominant orange colour vortex womb like round shape art image, with many shades of orange and green and light reflections.

Bruno Paolo Benedetti, born in the year 1954, began to take pictures, studying perspective and photo techniques, in the year 1968. Since the begin he worked with black and white photography, observing the contrast s of nature, the lights, and interpreting the reality around him. When he was 25 he began to work in the darkroom, enhancing his technique using filters, high contrast films for making his first pictures of surreal and abstract photography. At the same time, he began journeying around Europe and the world: India, Nepal, Bhutan, Southern America, South Africa, Egypt, Comoros Islands are some of the most visited places. The study of the religions, the mysticism in all of them, inspired his artistic production, especially his surreal photography, where cultural and religious archetypes are depicted.



Abstract non-objective photography or simply non-objective photography is unlike most other types of photography – rules, such as composition and accurate focusing hold no values. The abstract non-objective photographer uses his creative imagination to create stunning works of art.Abstract non-objective photography is a process of using colours and patterns combined to create an image, with no true meaning or no clear subject involved, but with shapes, colors, shades, nuances and tones. Abstract non-objective photography is not necessarily going to mean the same thing to everyone. Non-objective photography leaves more to the imagination and helps us concentrate on texture and colour rather than the whole subject. Some kinds of macro photography can be considered as abstract non-objective. Closeups of flowers and other plant life will make great abstract non-objective subjects. As with shooting water – macro abstracts should be cropped tightly and the image should have a theme of colour. Each artwork of Bruno Paolo Benedetti is based on his pictures.​​​



The Photography BDA is a digital technique created by artist Bruno Paolo Benedetti, where the traditional photograph is the starting point of the artwork.

The result is a very impressive art, characterized by floating dynamic shapes and fading images with contrasting tones and delicate nuances. 

These beautiful images speak to the human soul, to the most intimate part of the human being, inspiring a natural predisposition to spirituality and mysticism.



Photography Painting Art is the result of a process of manipulation of photos of paintings and digital art photographs. Through the fusion of these two different art products, a brand new artwork is born.​The resulting abstract images are made of fluid floating shapes and straight or bent lines, of circles and concentric shapes, of vivid lights and shadows, of allusions to human faces or figures and they are made of bright and soft tones of colors and shades,  giving the watcher many suggestions for her/his imagination and creativity.


The outcome is an impressive artwork where both the fused visual arts create a new more stunning image where coloUrs and shapes are mixed in an innovative and unique way.​​​​​​​The PP Art (Photography Painting Art) fused artworks introduce the observer to an inner celestial world made by sensations, emotions, feelings, by evoking questions and ancestral images with a strong religious inspiration.

PP Art is a project developed by Barbara Stamegna and Bruno Paolo Benedetti.​

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