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    From Material to Spiritual – Digital Image

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    From Material to Spiritual

    All material manifestation is a spiritual emanation and manifestation of God.  In fact, all that is material is a condensation of energy, of the unseen.  The unseen, the spiritual world, is at the basis of what we consider reality, that is, of what we see. But what we see is only a temporary manifestation of the Spirit, which is Eternal. Thus the beautiful nature, as well as our earthly life, are manifestations, and as all manifestations they have a beginning and an end.  In fact, where were we before our birth, and where will we go?

    This tradigital abstract artwork, in tones of white, red, blue, yellow, gray and black, shows the projecting of the spiritual energy, represented by transparent shapes and curved lines, and the condensation of matter which fluidly dissolves and purifies into the spiritual dimension.