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meditation and spirituality

the core of our being is in the light and colors that are what the kingdom of Heaven is composed of

The Core of our Being: Photo with Mystically Inspired Quote

in violet dominant color with light and shades in the center. This photo has an explanation in the interpretation of a quote of clear mystical inspiration, which leads to meditating on what the kingdom of Heaven is like

perceived reality is like a shadow that distorts the essence of what is truly real

Perceived Reality: Positive Photography by Bruno Paolo Benedetti

This is the message given by Bruno Paolo Benedetti with this Positive Art Picture for meditation. This artwork has been recently published by the author on The license of this picture is available with direct download. Buy License

Celestial Blue Flower mixed technique abstract painting with flame-like shapes petals, made by Barbara Stamegna

Celestial Blue Flower: Abstract Positive Symbolic Painting by Barbara Stamegna

Celestial Blue Flower is a recent mystically inspired positive artwork, created by Barbara Stamegna. Celestial Blue Flower abstract painting represents an abstract blue flower composed of flame-like shape petals. The blue colour is symbolic of heavenly and spiritual reality, and the flames symbolize the creative power of God who acts through the Holy Spirit. This …

Celestial Blue Flower: Abstract Positive Symbolic Painting by Barbara Stamegna Read More »

heavenly blossom mindfulness meditation flower

Heavenly Blossom: Photography by Bruno Paolo Benedetti

Heavenly Blossom, mindfulness meditation flower is a new publication of mystical-inspired positive art photography by Bruno Paolo Benedetti. It is a digitally manipulated macro photography for sale under license. The photography with strong contrasts and transparencies portrays a white flower with red streaks. Buy Image with license

Abstract painting evoking a tepid fall with yellow, green, white, red, orange, brownish leaf and flowers like shapes and branches and lines on pink, white, gray, red, enamel rough texture background, with nuances and shades.

TraDigitalArt Channel: the New Medium

TraDigitalArt, in its willingness and desire to gather and support positive people, has developed a new project: TraDigitalArt Channel, the purpose of which is to help those who are seeking the truth and looking for answers about the mystery of life, of life after death, of the spiritual, ethereal and astral dimensions. We do this …

TraDigitalArt Channel: the New Medium Read More »

Floating irregular shapes abstract art image, with lines, dots and bubbles in tones of red, indigo, creamy white, with blue and red shades.

The Knowledge of Good

The Knowledge of Good Look at the trees, to grow up they must look at the sky, they search for the light…I believe that it works the same way with humans. We will never grow up if we keep on looking down on earth and on earthly things. I think that the knowledge of what …

The Knowledge of Good Read More »

Fluid abstract image with moving orange whirling elements on mottled dynamic background

Beauty all around and inside of us

Beauty All Around and Inside of Us The glaring deep blue of the sky in springtime, the smell of the wet earth just after a pouring rain, the singing of the birds waking you up in the morning, the spreading fragrance of a jasmine flower, the many sounds of  moving water and the timeless breaking of …

Beauty all around and inside of us Read More »

White, yellow, pink, black, blue, green, purple, light blue and lilac tones abstract outset of life like symbolic image in rough texture with rounded concentric shapes and nuances.

The Greatest Artist

The Greatest Artist How many times in our lives we got chills when viewing a great artwork, when listening to a beautiful piece of music, when getting absorbed by the lines of a poem or by watching a movie? Art expressions are able to convey emotions and to make us feel emotionally involved, they are …

The Greatest Artist Read More »

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