Floating irregular shapes abstract art image, with lines, dots and bubbles in tones of red, indigo, creamy white, with blue and red shades.
Wavy fluid water like flow abstract art image, in dark and light blue tones, with shades of blue, white fluid spots, dots and bent floating lines.

The Knowledge of Good

Look at the trees, to grow up they must look at the sky, they search for the light…
I believe that it works the same way with humans. We will never grow up if we keep on looking down on earth and on earthly things.

I think that the knowledge of what is good for us doesn’t come from humans but from above…

I think that some humans, not because of their merits and independently from religion, race, sex, ecc. are vehicles of infinitesimal parts of that knowledge.

Written by Barbara Stamegna

May 3, 2018