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Difference between Royalty Free and Rights Managed (Single Use) Licence

In this first year of TraDigitaArt, we’ve been able to communicate with many artists that applied and who asked us questions about the type of licence that we offer to customers. We realized that it is widely believed that the Royalty-free licence type corresponds, in the way of thinking of many, to a different concept than what we had in mind, and it sometimes created confusion. This is why we want to clarify down here the difference that exists between the two types of image licence that exist on the market, according to the most popular sources:

On Sell and Buy One Time (Single) Use Licences for Art Images

All art image licence you find on are available for a one-time or single use, with specific use restrictions, carefully described in the various available licences.

In fact, the types of art image licence that you can sell or buy on are tailored for many different uses, ranging from private to public, editorial and commercial use.

One Time Commission for a One (Single) Time Use of Art Images

We want to make this specification because up to now we have always stated that our licences are Royalty-Free, using this term because it is more widespread and because, in legal terms, the royalty-free licence can be used in accordance with the terms and restrictions included in the licence, which can change a lot from supplier to supplier. We became aware that in the market the term Royalty-Free tends to indicate that the licence provides for the payment of a one-time commission, while the use is perpetual and unlimited. The licences available on instead provide payment for one-time (single) use, with a price that varies depending on the type of use the customer wants, therefore they can be considered Right-Managed licences.

For us at TraDigitalArt the work of artists is worth and the customers deserve the best art images

This choice to sell Right-Managed licences for one time or single use was dictated from the beginning by the fact that we want artists who publish their own art images on to have a fair economic recognition, and that their efforts to work with the aim to share positive feeling and emotions for the benefit of all, are encouraged and equitably valued. We don’t think it’s right for artists to sell their digital art and art photographs for a few pennies. At the same time, we offer customers original art images for a spiritual growth, carefully selected according to the criteria of our guidelines and mission, for affordable prices and best quality. So whether you are an artist who is trying to make the most of your work, whether you are a customer who is looking for rare art images of great emotional impact, you are in the right place! Welcome to TraDigitalArt!

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