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Uploading your Digital Artworks on TraDigitalArt

What to do if you chose the Hassle free Digital Plan…

If you chose the Hassle Free Digital Plan, please note that all you have to do is to send us your digital artworks or art photographs (that must all have a title) and their description, to: [email protected]

You can use your Drive to share your artworks or photographs with us, your email, or any way you prefer, and we’ll take care of the uploading, editing and optimization of your digital artworks or art photographs. Therefore, if you chose the Hassle Free Digital Plan, please do not upload digital artworks or photgraphs from your dashboard account!!!

What to do if you chose the Regular Digital Plan…

If you chose the Regular Digital Plan please follow the instructions given below.

ATTENTION:  Please do not upload your digital art or photography art through the “Media” or “Add Other Product” section, because it won’t be visible nor published!!!

At TraDigitalArt we use the File Transfer Protocol, that allows you to upload hundreds of artworks or art photographs all at once.

To accomplish this you can use FileZilla,  which is a free FTP  solution you can easily find on the internet.

And don’t worry because that’s an easy task!  All you have to do is follow some easy steps: 

1- Search the internet for FileZilla and download FileZilla Client on your PC, as indicated by the blue arrow in the following screenshot;

Filezilla Download

2- After you completed the downloading of FileZilla, open it and click on  File and then click on Site Manager, as follows:

Site Manager

3- After clicking on Site Manager a new window will open, that you can see in the screenshot below.  Now click on My Sites, as indicated by the purple arrow, and then on New Site, as indicated by the orange arrow…

New File

4- Fill out the Host, Port, User and Password fields, with the FTP credentials you received by email, where indicated by the green arrows below, and click on the Connect button, indicated by the red arrow…

Add Credentials And Connect

5- Now you will be asked by FileZilla to memorize your password. After setting that, the new window Unknown Certificate will open, as you can see in the screenshot below.  Please select  Always trust certificate in future sessions (see blue arrow)  and click on the OK button (orange arrow).


6- Create a new folder on your desktop, where you will save the digital artworks or art photographs (please note that you must name all your artworks and photographs files) you want to upload on TraDigitalArt.  I named this folder Upload.  Now click on User, then on Desktop, from where you will select the Upload folder, as you can see indicated by the orange arrows in the screenshots down here:

Show Artworks

7- At this point you have your artworks or photographs uploaded in Filezilla, as shown in the left box indicated by the blue arrow above.  Now all you have to do is select all the artworks/photographs, drag them into the right box, as indicated in the image below….

Select And Trascina

8- …and wait for your files to be automatically transferred, as shown by the screenshot below.  Your artworks/art photographs are now being uploaded on TraDigitalArt. 


Please note that you will not see your artworks or art photographs published on TraDigitalArt right away, as it may take a few minutes or several days, depending on the artworks in the queue waiting to be published!

Now that your artworks are published, you can start to edit them! Please learn how to do it here!

I hope this tutorial was of service.

Best wishes!

Barbara Stamegna