winter reflections on tree covered by snow crystals. On blue sky background with clouds sun light behind a tree with branches covered by bright snow crystals 05/01/2021

Propose your Art Photographs on TraDigitalArt!

TraDigitalArt  opens the doors to photographs taken from an artistic point of view! Beauty in itself brings the good.  Everyone can see that in nature there’s beauty. There may also be a sense of beauty in a cityscape that gives positive feelings and sensations.  A person’s portrait, the eyes, the smiles, the facial expressions may...

twisting nature abstraction art: colorful bright image with round shapes and curls 03/01/2021

Give your Art a chance to be Visible!

Give Visibility to your artworks with TraDigitalArt! Giving visibility to our artistic production is an essential part of every artist career.  In fact, a targeted and focused exposure can lead to gain reputation in the art world. In order to gain visibility, how many of us had to pay brick and mortar art galleries to...

Fluid sea shore abstraction in winter, blue and brown colors of nature with light reflections 08/09/2020

Artgivers Submissions Guidelines

How to submit your application on TraDigitalArt and how it works... Dear TraDigital Artgivers, the step by step guide below will provide you with all the information you need, from the application submission to the editing of your artworks on TraDigitalArt. 1. Before applying for a Vendor Account, please make sure that your artworks are...