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Beauty all around and inside of us

Fluid abstract image with moving orange whirling elements on mottled dynamic background

Beauty All Around and Inside of Us

The glaring deep blue of the sky in springtime, the smell of the wet earth just after a pouring rain, the singing of the birds waking you up in the morning, the spreading fragrance of a jasmine flower, the many sounds of  moving water and the timeless breaking of the innocent and playful and yet faithful sea waves…

There is a beauty all around and inside of us that, as with clouds, can be sometimes obscured by the suffering caused by the meanness and wickedness of human nature, by the unnatural and stressing lifestyle that humans impose on humans…

“…men has dominated man to his own injury…” (Ecclesiastes 8:9)

But sooner or later, the clouds must go away, and beauty will find its way out…

Through art, the vibrations of the glimpses of beauty that sparkle from our inner side and that lie underneath the true and beautiful things of creation, are caught and flow freely through our hand without mind, so to take shape and to be translated into a visible form…

Written by Barbara Stamegna

April 19, 2018 – Revised June 17, 2020

«Forsake not an old friend; for the new is not comparable to him: ...» (Sir.9:12)
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